Dumb Luck

by Ghost Stories

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Recorded, mixed, & mastered during May, 2013 at Moonlight Studio with Eric Tuffendsam


released May 17, 2013




all rights reserved


Ghost Stories Athens, Ohio

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Track Name: Yawn
And it makes me Yawn
Knowing you're gone
A bitter mouth with nothing good to say
And my head feels like
A bowling ball
Foul mood and breath beneath it all
Unaware, you knocked me off my feet
Bloody palms I hit the ground
Try and tell me something
Send a smoke screen to my windowsill
I couldn't see it
My attention focused on myself
Was I awake or sleeping
I found secrets you've been keeping
Track Name: No Calls On Your Birthday
If I was invisible like before
Would everyone I ever met love me more
So turn your back on everything that keeps you up at night
I'm vague, I'm wrong, You're the reason I don't belong
Track Name: Loose Leaves
You folded up everything I sent you when you were down on your luck
Hiding me Away
Save me for a rainy day
You folded me up, put me away
I'm just an unread letter, just a piece of paper
Blow away the dust thats been my blanket for the past couple months
I put in a picture frame
Those blue and black words that were rotting in my brain
You folded me up, put me away
I'm just an unread letter, just a piece of paper
Track Name: Blur
You in the crowd
Talk about being lonely like its some sort of trend
My friend you don't know this feeling like I do
This feeling that I'm being lied to
I made a list of sorts
The date loosely date mid March
And in it it wrote 'Am I alone or just a rogue planet'
You're going in this circle, thats left you tired and drained
The one you used to fall back on, the one you used to hate
You say you think of me, when you clean your dirty feet
In the well you dug and filled, don't be proud of what you built
All I see are trees, and the roots surrounding me
Like scent-triggered memories, they bring me back
To where I want to be, living comfortably
It must be nice, living comfortably
Where has the time gone, I feel alone
Where has the time gone, cus I still feel young
Track Name: Daydreamer
Your hair, is in my mouth but I don't care
Cus your hands are around my neck
Please stay, just for a little while
You've got work in less than a half an hour
In the end I made friends with some amazing different people
Some change, others fade away
And some stab you in your back coldhearted
And thats human tendency, to live your life, and if it feels good do it
In the end I made friends but they never could relate to me
Of how I daydream all day long of waking up somewhere besides here
I'll return home when I return my ashes into Lake Erie