Pitch Black Rose Hill

by Ghost Stories

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Pitch Black Rose Hill was made in January 2015
Recorded at The Headroom in Philadelphia, PA
Produced and Mixed by Joe Reinhart

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Album art by Ariel Vivanco


released August 13, 2015

Eric Bishop - writer, guitar, tambourine, and vocals
Charlie Walden - writer, bass guitar, and vocals
Sam Stansfield - wizard, guitar, and lap steel guitar
Harold Bon - drums and cymbals



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Ghost Stories Athens, Ohio

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Track Name: From the Tunnel
Lately I've been thinking about staring at your ceiling
Your head on my chest, all the things I miss
But I guess that I'll get used to it

You said that I could have been a little more convincing
Fell asleep in the corner on your floor
But I don't sleep there anymore

I can't wipe your words away from my tired brain
The light bleeds through the blinds and my body feels broken

Lately I've been missing mid-summer feeling
Understand I've never felt so free
It was good for you, it was good for me
Not hard to believe you're over me
You're a maze I can't seem to complete
But honestly did you read that letter?

I can't wipe your words away from my tired brain
The light bleeds through the blinds and my body feels broken again
Track Name: Spun
Your head is spinning entirely too fast
And I'm sorry that
I can't do more to help that
You've been waiting
Have I been wasting your time

So slowly I'll watch you fade away

I don't feel the same
I'm still lost in pages of things I should have thrown away
Somewhere across the sea
There is nothing waiting for me
Track Name: Little Eyes
The thing about young love is it will destroy you
I know what it's done to me
Fading vision used to be vivid
Now I'm just hopeless

And all those thoughts you suppress through out your day
When you close your eyes at night do they flood in your mind like mine?

The thing about nunchucks is they will destroy you
I know what they've done to me
Fading vision
I use to have little eyes
Track Name: Hard To Keep
Sticky black tar glued to my fingertips
I'm coughing out loud
I'm lying flat on your mattress
And I'm not sure if I like this

I'm drawing faces in this old notebook
So that I can feel less lonely

You know I wish that it hadn't gotten so bad
Especially when every way
That I've tried to say that I'm sorry just sounds the same

Oh sweetheart, you know it doesn't have to be this hard
And what I said, you know I might now have meant it
I'm not sure yet

And you're right there
Where I left you
In suspension in your quiet bedroom
Track Name: Pitch Black
Worked the day away, the better half of it
It's July 3rd and I still remember two years ago

With no feeling in me I biked the better half of the city
Heckled by pedestrians and cars along the road

Solitude, sweat, and sound
I'm Bay Village bound
October weekends you want to relive over and over and over again

Worked the day away, Worked the day away
Stay inside it's much more safe